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Module 2.B – Separation/Stabilization Geotextiles—How to Lower the Cost and Improve the Performance of Paved and Unpaved Roads by Mark Marienfeld, PE

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February 24, 2012


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The largest geosynthetic application worldwide is the use of both woven and nonwoven geotextiles for separation and stabilization beneath pavements and unpaved roads, parking lots and storage yards. This application uses common sense principles to indefinitely preserve the full, as-built structure of the road. Along with this permanent separation, these geotextiles stabilize and strengthen both the subgrade soil and the base or surface aggregate. These fabrics, which generally cost no more than one to two inches of aggregate, will save project funds up front by allowing a reduction in structural section and will greatly increase the life and decrease the maintenance of roads. This module will explain the simple benefits of this application and show how it is the most cost effective tool for design engineers. Installation methods are reviewed and recommended project specifications are given.

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