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Schneider, Cory

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May 17, 2012


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Cory Schneider has 5 years experience in the geosynthetic industry with Presto Geosystems of Appleton, WI. Presto is the manufacturer of the Geoweb® Cellular Confinement System, the original cellular confinement system developed in concert with the Army Corps of Engineers. Presto also manufacturers several different porous pavement systems, designed to fit our customers’ needs. Mr. Schneider began his career at Presto as a technical specialist and has been the North American Business Development Manager for the past 2.5 years. Prior to working with Presto Geosystems, Mr. Schneider worked for 10 years in the construction industry with land surveyors, consulting engineers and developers. He holds an M.S. Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  Email:

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