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Barrett, Colby

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May 17, 2012


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Colby Barrett, President of Soil Nail Launcher, Inc., Co-owner and CEO of GeoStabilization, Inc. and President of Landslide Solutions, LLC. Colby has worked on stabilization projects for over 12 years, managing projects throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. After studying Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley and Oxford University on an NROTC scholarship, Colby served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, leading both infantry and Scout/Sniper platoons throughout the Pacific Rim and the Middle East. Colby also holds Juris Doctor from Yale Law School and is currently wrapping up the requirements for his Professional Engineer License. He is an active geotechnical researcher in soil nailing and confined soils, holds a patent in Soil Nailing and has a patent pending on an innovative retaining wall system. He is a member of a research team investigating soil nail composite behavior for a Canadian Government agency and regularly presents workshops across the United States. Mr. Barrett has also given invited presentations on Confined Soils and Launched Soil Nails in Mexico, Taiwan, and New Zealand.    Email:  Colby@snl1.com

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