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Applied Polymer Systems (APS)

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May 17, 2012


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Applied Polymer Systems (APS), was founded in 1997 in Southeast Alaska to provide advanced polymer service to the mining industry.  In 1998, the company moved to Atlanta, Georgia to expand into stormwater and construction industries.   APS was successful in filling a niche by using a unique method of precise polymer blending and mixing to match each specific application.  This required above and beyond in time and effort but resulted in near 100% results for performance.  Laboratory testing and research, using over thousands of polymer research papers from agricultural, medical, mining, petroleum, and food processing fields led to the formation of APS.

Applied Polymer Systems has enjoyed a long history of excellence in stormwater and pond clarification and soil stabilization.  In addition to receiving numerous excellence awards, the APS approach has been reviewed and commended by Sr. Environment Scientists within government and private industry.  APS products have been tested by universities, water management districts, and Department of Transportation groups who have proven them to work well and be safe for the environment.  All APS products have undergone third party toxicity testing.  Nearly 20 years later, APS is regularly requested for educational conferences, university consultation, and government assistance for correct polymer usage, products, and applications.  APS currently provides water soluble polymer products and technical service to multiple industries, worldwide.  The information provided in these courses is based on two decades of professional research and field application by experts in the field.  Email:   info@siltstop.com

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