Monday, Dec. 10, 2018


Faust, Janet M.

Janet M. Faust is the Greenroof Product Manager for JDR Enterprises, Inc., a leading manufacturer of prefabricated drain [...]

Goldenberg, Marat

Marat Goldenberg, E.I.T., M.ASCE, is Technical Support Engineer for CETCO Lining Technologies, an environmental products company.  Prior to [...]

Kucera, Julie

Julie Kucera is a Sales Manager for Flint Industries, an international supplier and installer of high strength woven [...]

Lipscomb, Chad

Chad Lipscomb, CPESC, is the Technical Manager for Western Excelsior Company and has been in that capacity for [...]

Marienfeld, Mark, P.E.

Mark Marienfeld, P.E., is an independent Professional Engineer.  Since 1986, Mark has worked with geosynthetic companies on application [...]

Owen, T. Luke, PG

T. Luke Owen, PG, While serving as President, the NPDES Stormwater Training Institute has risen to become Georgia’s [...]

Pack, Jill

Jill Pack, CPESC, has been actively involved in the development and design of erosion and sediment control systems, [...]

Ragazzo, George

George Ragazzo, George Ragazzo is the General Manager of Modular Gabion Systems (MGS), a division of the C.E. [...]

Schneider, Cory

Cory Schneider has 5 years experience in the geosynthetic industry with Presto Geosystems of Appleton, WI. Presto is [...]

Selander, Daniel

Daniel Selander is the Market Development Manager for Thrace-LINQ, Inc., located in Summerville, SC.  Daniel received his B.S [...]